Across the White Marsh

The white marsh is a great waste of caustic sludge. From a distance it looks like a wintery swamp, but it is arid and hot instead of wet and cold. In the summer months, the rapid evaporation causes the pale mire to coagulate into an ice-like crust of saline crystals, thick enough to carry the weight of an army. As the marsh is corrosive and houses nothing but horrors, travelers avoid it at all costs. Still, a caravan has gone missing and its tracks disappear into the dreaded waste. No-one knows what desperation or foolishness drove them there, but it matters little—what matters is that its cargo was valuable beyond comparison.

And so it happened that the adventurers set out to retrieve this precious load, for their own enrichment or for a greater cause. The sun set, and it rose, and it was the first day of their journey.

Across the White Marsh is a hexcrawl adventure for Blood & Bronze or similar games. It contains 95 keyed hexagons and 8 major wandering encounters.

As the amount of text (approx 20 pages) would make web-reading unwieldy, the adventure is presented as an editable doc-file, allowing you to easily tailor the adventure to your own group, or as a very basic pdf.


Map is made with Hexographer.


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