Blood & Bronze is a fantasy game of adventure and role-playing, scheduled for release in October 2015.

Please direct any questions & queries to Olav through google plus or comment below.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just got Wondrous Hoard for Savage Worlds on DriveThru. Great scenario – thanks for doing this for the SW system. My reason for contacting you is to encourage you to continue to expand Blood and Bronze within the Savage Worlds system!


  2. Correction to above… I mean Swords & Wizardry of course, not Savage Worlds (my bad – not sure why I did that, apart from both can be shortened to ‘SW’!).

    Anyway, my point is, it’s great to see Blood and Bronze material translated into Swords & Wizardry stats.

    Keep up the great work!


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