Blood & Bronze rules booklet

Blood & Bronze is now available in print through Lulu.

Blood & Bronze is a fantasy game of high adventure and role-playing set in Mesopotamia during a legendary bronze age. Assuming the roles of daring adventurers, you and your friends set out on perilous quests to find riches and glory, battle monsters and uncover hidden mysteries.

Blood & Bronze outlines a unique settings and the cultures living there, provides a wilderness map to explore and six adventurous classes for players to choose from: Mercenary, Rogue, Mystic, Desert-Farer, Courtesan and Seer. It combines well-defined skills for common tasks—such as fighting, lying, searching, scaling walls etc—with traditional roll-to-avoid for saving throws, thus empowering players in purposive actions while still keeping their characters very much at risk.

Blood & Bronze comes in a 68 page, saddle-stitched booklet available through Lulu. It features beautiful interior illustrations by Rich Longmore, cartography by Sam Perkins-Harbin and a cover by Adam Moore.

The booklet contains all the rules needed for play. In addition, it details a zone for wilderness adventures and a quick method for generating dungeons, strongholds or similar adventure locations. Together with a brief chapter on character generation and a character sheet with pre-printed reference rules, Blood & Bronze invites you to start your adventures right away.

In addition to the booklet, you need pencil, paper and polyhedral dice to play.

If you want to know more, check the pictures below or download the free character compendium.

As of February 4th 2016, Blood & Bronze is also available in pdf through RPGNOW and DriveThruRPG.

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