Across the White Marsh available

The latest adventure for Blood & Bronze sends the player-characters across an inhospitable land in search for the treasures of a lost caravan.

whitemarsh Cvr 9x12 22 jun

The booklet contains

  • A self-contained location, easily inserted into any campaign
  • more than 100 encounters spread over approximately 90 hexagons in an inhospitable and alien salt marsh.
  • 6 new sorceries and a new covenant to enter.
  • Two new creatures
  • Multiple dangers and obstacles to navigate, including traps, strange beasts and competing factions, besides the constant hazards of the terrain itself.
  • A blank map for the players to fill out as they explore.
  • A hexmap by the amazing Cecil Howe, famous for Hex Kit among other things.
  • Cover by Wera Olsson and interior art by Michael Raston.
  • Plenty of possibilities to expand the adventure by chaining it together with other Blood & Bronze adventures

The adventure is available in print through Lulu. As with all our titles, you get a complimentary digital copy with your purchase by contacting me at “olav DOT nygard AT bredband DOT net” or through Google+.

If you dislike paper, you can also purchase the adventure in portable document format. You can also download the rough draft for free and run it as is or transform it into your own adventure.

REGULAR whitemarsh





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