Five Bone Sorceries and one magic trick that can be learnt from the Witch of the Waste.


The Witch cuts out her left eye, turning it to a pebble, and tests Lore. For each 5+, the Witch can activate the pebble-eye to see through it for a period of time equal to that spent in preparations.
As long as there is still magic in the pebble-eye, the Witch retains a rudimentary phantom sense of where it currently is. If the pebble is put back in the empty socket, it once again turns to an eye and regains normal sight overnight.


The Witch cuts of her left hand, breathing life into it, and tests Lore. On a 5+, the cut-off hand can operate separately from the Witch as a pwr 1 creature that is fully under the Witch’s control. For each additional 5+, the witch-hand’s power is increased by +1.
The effect lasts for a time equal to that spent in preparation. The hand can be re-attached at any point during this time without permanent consequences, regaining its normal functionality overnight. Once the magic has evaporated, however, the hand is lost for good.

Break Curse

The Witch prepares a salve with the power to break Curses and cure ills, and tests Craft. For each 5+, the Witch can use the salve to fully remove any curse, malady, condition or similar misfortune that befell a character no more than one day before per hour spent on devising the antidote.

Sigil of Truth

The Witch writes a powerful glyph with the blood of beetles, and tests Lore. For each 5+, the glyph can be unveiled once to have all reading it suffer 1d3 damage each time they lie. The effect lasts for a period equal to the time spent on writing the glyph.

Curse of Decay

The Witch places a token of bones near a recently deceased, and tests Craft. For each 5+, the token can be used to bestow upon someone a sickness, curse or similar misfortune that the deceased suffered from.
For each day spent preparing the token, it can carry the payload for a week. If the curses have not been cast when the time is up, the token breaks and its malicious contents affect the person in whose possession it most recently was.


All sorceries hold within the power to undo them. Whenever a sorcery known to the Witch is cast, activated or otherwise brought to effect, she can attempt to dispel it. Both the Witch and the opponent Sorcerer test Lore. If the Witch score more successes than the Sorcerer, the sorcery has no effect; if she scores fewer, the Sorcerer learns her weaknesses and permanently gains a reroll on all actions against her. On a tie, the sorcery goes off as planned and the Witch reveals her presence but nothing more. If the sorcery is unknown, the Witch may expend 1 bone salt to attempt to dispel it anyway.

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