Slave pits of Sippar: an introductory adventure

Enter the Slave Pits, where the wretched are sent to perish. You have been cast away from the light of life-giving Shamash; your trespasses have forced the divine eye of the heavens to dismiss you into the shadows.

Slave pits of Sippar is a free adventure, available as a 28-page portable document file. The adventure starts with the PCs being sentenced into slavery, accused of a crime they did or didn’t commit. Their goal is to survive the hardships, and find a way out.

The free adventure is an excerpt of the forthcoming adventure Thralls of the Sun and a crafty referee can easily extend the adventure by chaining it to other underground adventures through the open-ended passages provided, or use the starting point – the possibly wrongful conviction – to propel adventures in both city and wilderness.

The adventure is available in two versions: either optimized for print, or in reduced size for faster web viewing. Please set your pdf-viewer to “spread”, as the adventure was laid out with spreads in mind. Also, to make the document print correclty, you should have your printer fit two pages per paper.

Addendum: If you prefer to print 1:1, you may instead use a third option – the 1up-version – where the blank second page is omitted. Either way, even pages should always be to the left.

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