Adventure Thralls of the Sun available

The first printed adventure designed for Blood & Bronze—Thralls of the Sun—is now available through Lulu. It features:

  • 48 pages jam packed with adventure, set in underground slave tunnels and the ancient caves below them.
  • A starting point—the player characters have been enslaved and must escape—that combines universality with specificity to make it just as easily used in both new and existing campains. With very little modification, this starting point also provides a suitable bridge for referees wishing to have existing player characters from another world or age arrive in the Blood & Bronze setting for Sword & Planet-style adventures.
  • Multiple dangers and obstacles to navigate, including puzzles, traps, fabulous beasts and competing factions among the slaves, besides the constantly menacing guards under the supervision of their cruel Pit Master Mal-Hara.
  • A wealth of gold, jewels and secrets to uncover.
  • Plentiful possibilities to expand the adventure: by linking some or all of the open-ended corridors provided with other adventure sites under or over ground, or by fleshing out the adventure seeds provided.
  • Information on two new covenants the adventurers may enter into, if lucky or desperate enough.
  • Three spreads of interior art by Leanna TenEycke.
  • Six fantastic maps by Glynn Seal at Monkey Blood design—four dungeon floors and two separate maps for special rooms
  • A cover by Axel Widén.

For a preview, see the 28 page pdf adventure Slave Pits of Sippar that includes two of the four dungeoun floors.

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