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Is there a pdf version of the game?

Yes. As of february 4th, Blood & Bronze is available through both DriveThruRPG and RPGNOW.

Is there a hardcover version of the game?


What supplements are planned for Blood & Bronze?

Two adventures are currently under development. No release dates are set, but we strive to make them available sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we will make sure to publish some gameable material on the blog at least once a month.

Is there a bestiary for the setting?

No, but any stat-block compatible with the oldest rules tradition can be easily imported into your game. Just assign a power rating for the monster equal to its Hit Dice (HD), keeping in mind to divide any HD higher than six into several actions. Thus, a HD 9 monster would translate into a pwr 5/4 monster, meaning that in each of its rounds it can make two actions using 5 dice for the first and 4 for the second. Finally, use the difference between the creature’s armor class and that of an unarmed man as its Armor Rating.

Armor = Ascending AC – 10; or 10 – Descending AC; or Raw AC

Can endurance and/or skills be increased?

Yes, through Covenants, magic or special items; or however the referee sees fit.

The rules for the Iron quality is missing. What are they?

When using an iron weapon, you may choose to roll another damage die. If you do, the weapon breaks on a 1.

Where can I find more info?

All official news and updates will be posted here, at bloodandbronze.com. You are also welcome to join our G+ community, to discuss the game with others.