Cave Dwellers of the Malachite Mines

When a section of the malachite mine outside Eshnunna collapsed, it killed a dozen miners but also left two slaves unaccounted for. Survivors claim that demons emerged from inside the mountain to carry away the two girls to the underworld. Fearing this fate more than their masters, the miners refuse to work and extraction has ground to a halt.

But the malachite traders care little for the superstition of their slaves. Furious from their insubordination, they offer a handsome reward to those who explore the dark tunnels to bring the two stray miners—or their bodies—back.

Cave Dwellers of the Malachite Mines is a subterranean adventure for Blood & Bronze or other games of High Adventure. Being part of the long-delayed adventure series The Fire Pearl, it is now offered in a free “beta” version. It features
+ 30 rooms of combat, intrigue and mystery
+ a map by Luka Rejec
+ art-handouts by Per Folmer
+ a minimum of editing or layout.

download it here!