The Wondrous Hoard of Dilimbabbar

There once lived a Moon Sage in a wondrous palace. Dilimbabbar—for such was his name—was a leader of armies and a scholar of the night sky. In his palace, he collected wondrous things and hoarded riches beyond belief. He summoned servants from the ether and demons from the earth to bring treasures no mortal eyes had ever seen. But that was long ago, before the flood washed over the lands.

Now, the Sage is lost to an unknown fate, his powers having faltered. Yet his palace remains, brimming with wealth locked away in the vacant halls

…or so travelers say, telling tales to each other under starlit skies.

The Wondrous Hoard is an adventure designed for Blood & Bronze suitable for any characters. Currently available as portable document from drivethrurpg. Print version is underway.