Covenant of the Waxing Moon

Sin is the god of the moon, of change, madness and navigation. Alone among the Anunnaki to wander freely in the realms of both the living and the dead, Sin is worshiped by lotus eaters and oracles, by sailors, herders and pregnant women, and anyone else who sets out on uncertain endeavors in the hope of returning safely.

In Sippar, the temple dedicated to Sin lies in the southern city. Here, young acolytes of serene beauty lie dreaming in poisoned sleep, their naked bodies covered in divine glyphs that guide their meditations and the sacred serpents that sting them again and again.

Sin ruled over Southern Sippar in the years before the flood. Now, his interests have shifted: leaving behind a cadre of blue-bearded priestesses and their eunuchs to tend to his temple, Sin has retreated to his ziggurat in Ur, many days to the east. But still his presence is everywhere felt. The mercurial dreams of prophets and sages, the caravans coming back from nameless lands and the growing bellies of soon-to-be mothers—all bear testimony to the power of Sin. Even on the very stairs of the Ziggurat of the Zenith Sun, there grows a white magnolia tree that open its petal only when the sun has set. To those who know of such things, there can be no doubt that Sin will reappear in unbearable splendor: for Day and Night are of equal length, and the moon is bound by neither.

Entering the Covenant

Any character can enter the Covenant of the Waxing Moon at the appropriate time of the month. Gaining ranks cost as normal (see p. 19).

Ranks and improvements

The waxing moon is the princely moon—youthful but gradually assuming its full potential. When a character gains a rank with the Waxing Moon she may increase two ability scores by 1, to a maximum of 12.

Tribute and Wrath

Whenever a character in the Covenant of the Waxing Moon increases ranks with another Covenant, even the Queen of No Realm, Sin demands tribute as per the chart below:

Covenant Rank    Tribute Demanded 
1                100 s
2                200 s
3                300 s
4                400 s
5                500 s
6                600 s

If a character fails to pay such tribute, her player must immediately roll a six-sided die under or equal to her current Covenant rank. On a hit, the god forgives her trespass, but on a miss she suffers its curse.

When suffering the curse of Sin, roll on the chart below. The effects apply only to
cursed nights: to determine if a night is cursed, roll 1d10 and compare it to your crossed-out Covenant rank. If the result is lower than or equal to your rank, the night is cursed for you.

1d6    Curse Effect
1      Your recovery dice are halved (round up) on cursed nights.
2      All saving throws are modified by one to your disadvantage 
       on cursed nights.
3      You suffer a negative reroll on all attempts to hide or 
       sneak on cursed nights.
4      You suffer a negative reroll on all attempts to run, climb
       or jump on cursed nights.
5      Suffer a negative reroll on attempts to discern truth from
       lies or find hidden things on cursed nights.
6      All reaction rolls against characters and creatures you 
       meet are made with only 1d6 during cursed nights.

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