Address your questions to olav dot nygard at bredband dot net, or contact me at Google+ Is there a pdf version of the game? Yes. As of february 4th, Blood & Bronze is available through both DriveThruRPG and RPGNOW. Is there a hardcover version of the game? No. What supplements are planned for Blood & […]

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Blood & Bronze rules booklet

Blood & Bronze is now available in print through Lulu. Blood & Bronze is a fantasy game of high adventure and role-playing set in Mesopotamia during a legendary bronze age. Assuming the roles of daring adventurers, you and your friends set out on perilous quests to find riches and glory, battle monsters and uncover hidden […]

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Character Compendium

Forgotten your booklet on game night? Want to explore all available options by creating a character between sessions? Or just curious what Blood & Bronze looks like? Download the 18 page character compendium! The compendium includes rules for character creation, details on the six adventurous classes, a full-spread illustration by Rich Longmore and the character […]

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Character Sheets

You can download character sheets to print and modify from here. If you prefer the full character compendium, with instructions on how to create a player character, it is also available.

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Game Map

Playing Blood & Bronze you will use the map, beautifully drawn by Sam Perkins-Harbin @ Forge22, to track the adventurers overland movement. As you uncover more of the world’s mysteries the referee will add notes and landmarks on the map, making it a chronicle of your adventures. The map is naturally included in the rule […]

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Welcome to Blood & Bronze

Imagine you are an adventurer: a cunning rogue, a hardened mercenary or a farseer wise in the ways of the stars. Before you lies a world, full of adventure and intrigue, perilous quests and vile fiends, wicked men and evil women. For this world is not like ours: it is still young, untamed and shrouded […]

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