D30 NPCs

Here are 30 assorted NPCs, beasts and monsters that you can slot right into your game or use as blueprints for designing your own. To quickly generate an encounter, roll 1D30 and consult the table below. You can also roll 1D10 to get a common beast, 1D12+10 to generate a human or 1D8 and count […]

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Blood for Heaven

Step out of the darkness and seek justice: face the light of Shamash! He who presides over light and darkness, truth and wickedness! You can hear the drums, the horns and the bells calling you to the final judgment. Meet the sunrise with high heads! At the festival of the summer solstice, warriors and beasts […]

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Wilderness Zone: The Rocky Desert

A desert of stone pillars, black boulders, gravel and rocks. Beast-men and savage tribes rule the land, and the lack of water and food makes travel dangerous and hard. Rugged terrain: Travel speed is two hexagons per day. Barren: Each attempt at foraging takes a full day. Chance encounters: 2d6 2          A gale, screaming like […]

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Character Compendium

Forgotten your booklet on game night? Want to explore all available options by creating a character between sessions? Or just curious what Blood & Bronze looks like? Download the 18 page character compendium! The compendium includes rules for character creation, details on the six adventurous classes, a full-spread illustration by Rich Longmore and the character […]

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Character Sheets

You can download character sheets to print and modify from here. If you prefer the full character compendium, with instructions on how to create a player character, it is also available.

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Game Map

Playing Blood & Bronze you will use the map, beautifully drawn by Sam Perkins-Harbin @ Forge22, to track the adventurers overland movement. As you uncover more of the world’s mysteries the referee will add notes and landmarks on the map, making it a chronicle of your adventures. The map is naturally included in the rule […]

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